Antique log cabin in the snow.


We have available to our customers an inventory of Original log structures that are 150 to over 200 years old;  houses, cabins, barns, etc., also other antique materials such as;  hand hewn timbers, hand planed paneling, fireplace mantles, doors, etc.

We are expert in preserving the originality of 200+ year old log houses while incorporating modern conveniences or on the other hand we have the qualifications and knowledge to build “museum” quality restorations using authentic materials and methods.

We provide a selection of structures and build anything from small rustic log cabins to large homes all over the United States. 

We offer services from design to complete construction,  including; foundations, chimneys, stone work, wood flooring, wiring, plumbing, heating, air conditioning, etc., everything needed for a home ready to move into.

Information available upon request or call for a visit, your place or ours.

We appreciate your interest,

Kerry S. Hix